Guide to New Chinese Slang In this book, James Wang, author of Outrageous Chinese has adapted and enlarged a glossary of new slang published in China by Zhou Yimin, director of the Modern Chinese Research Institute at Beijing Normal University. Mutant Mandarin includes such terms as baibai (from the English "bye-bye," meaning to break up with a lover) and mi (originally "honey from bees" but now like the English "sweetheart"). Contains examples in simplified characters, pinyin romanization and English plus a glossary of computer and internet terms. Great for language learning and those interested in contemporary Chinese society. "Wang boldly goes where no other Chinese handbook has gone." --CHINA BUSINESS REVIEW Top of Form 1 MUTANT MANDARIN By Zhou Yimin & James J. Wang Format: Paperback, 175pp, 5 1/4 X 8 ISBN: 835125432 Order Code: MUMA List Price: $12.95

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